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About Us

Our Past

Williams & Company Communications, Inc. is a division of Williams & Company Consulting, Inc. Williams & Company began in 1929 as an accounting firm.  Over the decades, Williams & Company grew into a leading regional CPA firm and began providing additional consulting services to businesses. In 1982, Williams & Company Consulting, Inc. was created to provide a wide array of business consulting services, including marketing, HR, environmental and Information Technology (IT) solutions.


Over the years, Williams & Company Communications continued to expand IT services provided to clients. In 1995, Williams & Company owned and operated one of the first dial-up internet service providers (known as WilliNet) in the Midwest, which was later sold. 


In 2017, Williams & Company Communications acquired C & S Communications, a telecommunications company that has been providing services to the Midwest region since 2002.  With voice communications and information technology merging in the marketplace, we seized the opportunity to combine our expertise and create a complete array of services to help our clients succeed. Since its inception, Williams & Company Communications, Inc. has been providing businesses with expert IT consulting, managed IT solutions, telecommunications, system administration, and application and development services.

Our Present

We are proud to announce our new name, WillComm Technology Services, as a part of our ongoing evolution from an information technology consulting firm to a cutting-edge technology services company. We believe our new name encompasses everything we do today while still tying us to our roots that helped us grow into a modern day technology services company you can count on for innovative solutions.

Our Future

We look to the future with a client-first approach for everything we do. Our clients are the sum of our past, present and future and we would like to express our sincere gratitude, as we would not be here without you. We will continue to provide our clients with state-of-the-art technology services, delivered with the highest level of professionalism that merited our trusted business partnership.

We look forward to serving our current clients and new clients as WillComm Technology Services.


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